Install ansible

I created a little ansible playbook to install my dev machine. But I need to install… :'( some thing to get ansible work.

So it’s the right way to do it

  • Clone ansible repo into /opt/ansible
  • Chown -R it as your usual user.
  • Install python (2)
  • pip install –upgrade pip

And the following error got the following answers:

  • pyconfig.h missing => python-devel
  • /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/redhat-hardened-cc1 missing => redhat-rpm-config
  • fatal error: openssl/opensslv.h => openssl-devel

After you can continue deps installs for ansible

  • sudo pip install paramiko PyYAML Jinja2 httplib2 six

With a improved/modernized crypto lib

  • rpm -e –nodeps python-crypto; pip install pycrypto

As useful dependency you can add

  • yamllint

You have to run it manually for the moment, but still really useful

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