Gnome shell custom

Gnome shell est l’application (avec FF) que j’ai la plus de mal à customiser et à garder avec une config cohérente entre mes postes .

Il est fort complexe d’automatiser l’installation et sa configuration et je ne me retrouve jamais avec qque chose de similaire.

Je vais donc écrire un petit post décrivant ma config, et je verrais si je m’y tiens (au pire j’updaterai ce post en fonction).

Et qui sait un jour j’arriverai à automatiser son install/config…

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Mooltipass standalone app on fedora

As I wrote in Mooltipass on fedora I acquire recently a Mooltipass.

But I’m in love with Fedora and rpm instead of Debian with apt. Sadly the official repo doesn’t provide standalone app for Fedora.

Thanks to scips I discover alien soft to fix that: it’s job is to create a rpm from a deb for instance.

In our case that doesn’t work due to the fact that we don’t have rpm spec file at debian debootstrapping step.

I don’t have enough experience to build a rpm spec file, but we’re not blocked.

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Mooltipass on fedora

Mooltipass is an hardware solution to store securely passwords. In few words: it’s a Atmega with a screen, a card reader and a scroll wheel to type the password.

I backed that on kickstarter and a more complete description is available on official website

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Install ansible

I created a little ansible playbook to install my dev machine. But I need to install… :'( some thing to get ansible work.

So it’s the right way to do it

  • Clone ansible repo into /opt/ansible
  • Chown -R it as your usual user.
  • Install python (2)
  • pip install –upgrade pip

And the following error got the following answers:

  • pyconfig.h missing => python-devel
  • /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/redhat-hardened-cc1 missing => redhat-rpm-config
  • fatal error: openssl/opensslv.h => openssl-devel

After you can continue deps installs for ansible

  • sudo pip install paramiko PyYAML Jinja2 httplib2 six

With a improved/modernized crypto lib

  • rpm -e –nodeps python-crypto; pip install pycrypto

As useful dependency you can add

  • yamllint

You have to run it manually for the moment, but still really useful


Thanks to throskam a script is now available on github:

It’s only for Fedora & my user for the moment (pay attention to the little lgnap hardcoded) but it’s not really difficult to adapt it.

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Install ‘real’ firefox on Debian 8

Iceweasel is often enough but for some remote debugging the ‘official’ version is required.

Linux mint handles this package in repo. Add the following line into a new file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/linuxmint.list

deb debian import

and follow rest of flow (update, install firefox is the name of package).

This explanation is less less verbose but source is :

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Alors MPDCron c’est pas vraiment un client, c’est plus un autre deamon qui va vous permettre de monitorer certaines choses à propos de MPD.
En gros il est capable de faire tourner des scripts de votre cru à la détection de certains événements:

  • changement de chanson
  • play/pause/stop
  • changement du volume
  • changement de la playlist en cours
  • le statut actuel de mpd
  • non exhaustif…

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MPDCron init.d script

Comme promis dans l’article de présentation de MPDCron, voiçi le script que vous pourrez mettre dans votre /etc/init.d folder.

N’oubliez pas de le rendre exécutable (chmod +x)  et de l’ajouter au démarrage du système (update-rc.d mpdcron defaults)

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