Install ansible

I created a little ansible playbook to install my dev machine. But I need to install… :'( some thing to get ansible work.

So it’s the right way to do it

  • Clone ansible repo into /opt/ansible
  • Chown -R it as your usual user.
  • Install python (2)
  • pip install –upgrade pip

And the following error got the following answers:

  • pyconfig.h missing => python-devel
  • /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/redhat-hardened-cc1 missing => redhat-rpm-config
  • fatal error: openssl/opensslv.h => openssl-devel

After you can continue deps installs for ansible

  • sudo pip install paramiko PyYAML Jinja2 httplib2 six

With a improved/modernized crypto lib

  • rpm -e –nodeps python-crypto; pip install pycrypto

As useful dependency you can add

  • yamllint

You have to run it manually for the moment, but still really useful


Thanks to throskam a script is now available on github:

It’s only for Fedora & my user for the moment (pay attention to the little lgnap hardcoded) but it’s not really difficult to adapt it.

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Include handling rar archive on Nautilus

I observed that people are looking for install rar on nautilus.

In fact, it’s very simple, first, we open rarlab page.

We have to choose between the ‘normal’ (x32) and ’64 bits’ (x64) version.

What is your architecture ?  You can know that by typing these command.

uname -i

Here, is a 64 bits architecture and I will download the right file (x64) (32 bits version is here).

Open a CLI, and go to file. After that, you must extract and install.

$tar zxvf rarlinux-x64-3.9.2b1.tar.gz #extract

$cd rar/ #go into directorycreated

$su #switch in root mode

#make install #simply install

It finished, enjoy it.

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