First steps with mBuino

Hello everybody,

By advance sorry for my bad english. I decided to write in english to help Sven and I won’t known if he speaks french.

To have a little explanation about what mbuino is go to kickstarter

So you have to create an account on
If they ask for a platform, you will provide mbed LPC11U24 (We don’t have yet the official mbuino so I chose the same processing unit).

After that you can click over big Compiler button and fall into little program into your browser. It’s an IDE.

Don’t forget to specify your platform if it’s not already done. They ask every time if you don’t have one. Don’t be afraid.

The easiest first start is to get the source code that is already on chipset and begin to play with it.

You can get the source code on mbed repository and mbed provides an “Import this program” button.
On click, it transfers the program on your mbed compiler !

After compile it (button on IDE) you should receive a binary file download. Plug your mBuino, push on the button (next than USB connector).

It’s a little bit touchy so you can see when it’s ok on all LEDs sligthly lighted up. And a USB storage should be added on your computer. don’t hesitate to retry one or 2 times to get a full driver installation. When the usb drive appears, the file “firmware” in place can go to trash and you can add the just compiled/downloaded binary. Please repush the button and It’s now launching !

If the name of file is firmware.bin again when you put back your mbuino in USB storage, it’s ok. Don’t expect to keep the filename. The only way to check (I believe) if this is work is for instance check a special blink pattern you implemented in your code

After that you should see exactly the same pattern but you can change some code to have something different.

I found a lot of useful info on GHI electronic forum

Indeed it’s not the easiest way to do. But I succeed

Don’t hesitate to correct me about the English of something you shouldn’t understand. I’ll try to fix asap.

Sven, I hope that is helping you ;-)

mBed is presenting mBuino
World meets mBuino – a GHI forum topip
Presentation by funding freedom

Edit : Ivan Viti asked a question over mbed questions and I put the Michael Bagnaschi’s response in italic into the post. Thanks to him

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2 Responses to “First steps with mBuino”

  1. Marcel says:

    Thank you for helping me! Your information did help. On my own at first I didn’t succeed. Using the mbed online compiler I compiled the standard blinky example, but that one didn’t work, due to the different LED pins.
    Your version was easy to import and after making my personal changes I successfully put my very own first working blinky on the mBuino. Thank you very much!

  2. El Gnap says:

    Pleasant to read ;-). You’re welcome