Yum duplicates …

Et voilà, z’avez fait l’andouille, vous avez oublié de lancer screen/tmux avant de faire un yum update et la liaison s’est coupée en plein upgrade.

On commence par récuperer la liste des duplicates:

yum update | grep duplicate | sed ‘s/ is a.*//’ | sed ‘s/.*://’ > error-packages.list

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Mooltipass standalone app on fedora

As I wrote in Mooltipass on fedora I acquire recently a Mooltipass.

But I’m in love with Fedora and rpm instead of Debian with apt. Sadly the official repo doesn’t provide standalone app for Fedora.

Thanks to scips I discover alien soft to fix that: it’s job is to create a rpm from a deb for instance.

In our case that doesn’t work due to the fact that we don’t have rpm spec file at debian debootstrapping step.

I don’t have enough experience to build a rpm spec file, but we’re not blocked.

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